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A world of Health, Beauty and Wellness

GLOBUS has been a world leading company in the manufacture of portable electromedical devices for over 30 years now. Our extensive range includes complete product lines for electrotherapy, diathermy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy and vibrating platforms.


GLOBUS was set up in Codognè (TV), in 1984, by its current President and CEO, Mr. Pierpaolo Lucchetta, award-winning professional volleyball player until 1994 (Olympic bronze medal in Los Angeles).

Over the years, GLOBUS has cooperated with many Universities and Research Institutes all over the world in order to develop its products under the strictest scientific guidelines. Today, GLOBUS is a leader in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy fields and ships to over 70countries worldwide.


GLOBUS mission is to contribute increasing the level of health and wellness in the world providing professionals in rehabilitation and physiotherapy as well as private users with highly performing technological products set to improve the patient’s quality of life in complete safety.

GLOBUS products are certified: UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 and CE of European Quality Assurance System, FDA in the US, and IEx in Brazil.



“RF Tecar Beauty devices are powerful tool to treat scarring as well as wrinkles. I am glad to be able to offer such an effective treatment to my patients. What I really appreciated is the possibility to adjust the emission power depending on the targets to achieve.

A. R.Dermatologist

“With RF Tecar Beauty you can precisely deliver energy to the required level in the dermis with a greater degree of safety. I have used it for a broad list of indications, including wrinkles and bags, acne scars, reduction of localised adiposity, reduction of stretch marks and hematomas.”

M. T.Beautician

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